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April 11th, Pink Full Moon may bring new adventure…

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April 11th, Pink Full Moon may bring new adventure…

Pink MoonApril 11th this year marks the Pink Full Moon. It is the first full moon of the spring. It is called pink, because it falls on the time of the year when the colourful flowers starts to flourish, especially the pink ones.

So don’t expect the moon to actually be pink, but do expect interesting things to happen.

The Full Moon is the peak of feelings, time when things are felt more than any other day. The love is stronger, so is the hatred. If you believe in yourself, you feel even stronger than any other day. If you have doubts about yourself, then this will be the time when you will be even more pessimistic than ever. Do you get a pattern here?

This year the Pink Moon opens the door into the romance and love. A time will come when magic things can happen if you open your heart to the possibilities. And if you have the slightest doubt about your feelings, take some time on April 11 to reflect on them. This is the day where you will not be able to hide the true feelings from yourself, and the energy boost from the Pink Moon has a potential to drive you towards a new adventure...

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