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December 21st - December Solstice

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December SolsticeDecember Solstice: the first day of the winter in the northern hemisphere (any place north of Equator so North America, Asia, Europe, Northern Africa), and the first day of the summer in the southern hemisphere (Southern Africa, Australia, South Africa). The shortest and the longest day of the year depending on where you are.

While we can’t really see the solstice itself (it means ‘stays still’) – when the sun stops to then start moving the other direction, we can feel it in our lives and this is why it has been celebrated since the ancient times. Whether it is the summer or the winter solstice – it is a moment of a seasonal change when we either expect the days to finally start getting longer and the year-end holidays coming soon. Or, in the southern hemisphere when we enter the wonderful time of the summer (there we have enough light not to worry about the fact that there will be less and less with every day). In any case a change that brings hope and at the same time may make us anxious and looking back at the last year to sum up our achievements and plan the year to come.

Concentrate deeply on the magical energy of Solstice and use the rays of the sun to ‘power’ you for the days and weeks of holidays!