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May 27th Mars retrograde enters Scorpio

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Mars has been in retrograde since April 17th and will stay there until August 13th, but now it’s entering Scorpio so it really means that all the effects of retrograde will be at their strongest for around a month.

Mars is in retrograde means it appears to move backward in the sky. When a planet is in retrograde, it does not work in its normal manner, but when Mars is retrograde you can expect trouble!

So on one hand you may experience great motivation, feel like doing things, wanting to start new projects, try out new solutions and have more sex.

Except that starting anything new during a Mars retrograde will require much more drive than normal, you can expect many things to go wrong with any new projects. There will be lots of delays, red tape and frustration. You know those days when everything goes wrong? The bus is late, you get to work just to see that you have a large stain on your shirt and then you get a call that your kid is sick and you need to pick them up from school? And that’s just the morning? Mars can do that do you…

Big plans or even going on a diet and starting an exercise program, should wait a bit.

But there are great things too. It’s the perfect time for:

  • Making plans
  • Thinking of strategies or revising previous ideas
  • Taking time to rest and recharge your batteries
  • Getting ready to when this period is over

… Everything has it’s time. Usually it’s easier to align yourself to the Universe than the other way!