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Mercury retrograde, December 19th

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MercuryThis year the fourth Mercury Retrograde happens between December 19th and January 8th 2017. Mercury Retrograde is a weird time of the year when everything may go wrong because of misunderstandings and problems in communications. There will be terrible traffic, missed appointments, delays or cancelled trains and planes, there will be flat tyres and undelivered mail. Add on top of that the end of year holiday period, where we meet family and people we love (but sometimes can’t stand) that’s just a recipe for a disaster…

So stand still, relax and tell yourself that your reactions may be exaggerated and your feelings are stronger than they should. In any big grouping of people try to stay quiet and if you are about to say anything mean or arrogant think twice, and then don’t say anything. Don’t take any serious decisions during this time, don’t quit your job or dump your partner, avoid medical appointments, negotiating or signing contracts.

But most of all beware of this astrological moment and whatever you do take it slow, breath and instead of getting into a conflict with the people around you, tell yourself it will get better when the retrograde is over, next year everything will be back to normal. Until it happens again in April 2017….