Keith and David are Fabulous Psychics!

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Mystic Music


Many people have a hard time with meditation, yet, everyone loves music. For centuries, music has been used to express emotion, weave poetry, connect tribes and cultures, and so much more. David has a special gift with music, and he would love to use his psychic gift to compose an intention filled powerhouse meditation, just for you!


This unique meditation is based on ancient techniques that have been adapted to more modern times. Working with the varied states of consciousness we all have, David’s special compositions help to reset your mind and lift your spirits. You may not know this, but your brain waves are a powerful tool at work, influencing every aspect of your life.

Understanding Your Brain Waves

Understanding how your own mind can alter your reality is something scientists and mystics alike have been studying for a long time. Of course, we all sort of work with our feelings to become happier and more fulfilled- the thing is, our subconscious and these brain waves have a large role in all of that. David’s special 2:30-3 minute piano composition, which we call Mystic Music will help you to balance these waves and hit the reset button.


We start at beta, because this is the wave you’re probably experiencing right now. This is where your waking and your thinking occurs. They’re associated with being alert, your thought processes, and your ability to reason. They’re very important to being at your best when you’re awake. The thing is, when they’re out of whack, they also are where anxiety, worry, stress and other issues with tension can arise.


When we are very relaxed, daydreaming, or doing basic meditation, Alpha waves are present. This is a wonderful time to engage in affirmations, work on visualization, and engage in activities that help with memory and learning new things.


Delta waves occur when we’re fast asleep or when we’re in heightened states of trance meditation. Many consider this the sort of doorway to the Universal mind and the collective unconscious.


Theta brain waves are present when we’re heading into our Alpha states and when we come out of a very deep, relaxing sleep. This is where all of the mind’s most powerful tools are said to be housed and where we find our inspiration, prophetic dreams, and is also where we can work on manifestation.


This is the most mysterious state, and not much is known about these brain waves. What is known, is that those who have been said that this is similar to when the Crown chakra is activated. Inspiration, Universal Oneness, connectivity, and ecstasy are all associated with this brain wave.


As you make it a habit to listen to this composition, you will notice over time that the cumulative effect really makes a difference in your stress levels, your sleep, and how you look at the world. Once that gets going, the positive energy that develops will enable you to connect with opportunities you never dreamed possible.

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