Keith and David are Fabulous Psychics!

Is it really free?

So you are asking yourself why is it free? Is there a catch? Well no, there isn’t any!

It’s really absolutely and fabulously free! We are preparing free readings for people in need because we can. Because we want to help people and because it’s our way of showing how grateful we are for the love we found in our lives.


World needs more empathy and love

It isn't easy being gay. David and I have seen plenty of brutality in our lives.  Mean people suck!  When David and I realized that we had this special gift we knew we had a chance to really help people in a very profound way.  It's our little way to get back at all those mean people in our lives that have made us feel insignificant, or like freaks. OK we are freaks but so what? Isn't everyone?  I mean really? Doesn't everyone have something that makes them different? You can look at it as being strange or embrace it. That's what we have done.  I'm proud to be a fag and I'm proud to be a psychic.  Both have brought me love.  If I wasn't gay, David and I wouldn't be together and I would miss out on my chance to be with my soul-mate.  If I wasn't psychic I would miss out on the chance to spread a different kind of love around in the world.  When you truly connect with someone, like we do in our readings, you get to give them a little bit of loveThat love grows and hopefully that person will pass it on to someone else.  The world needs love like this to spread like those wonderful youtube cat videos.


Try it out yourself

So, see for yourself! Sign up for the free fabulous psychic reading, it usually takes about 48 hours. The reading will be just for you. Please don’t be surprised that we know things about you that very few people know about. Accept the reading as it comes, you will see how true it will turn out to be!

We want to share our gift with you, the psychic one not the queer one.Wink We want to help you, and you came here for help.

With Love,